‘A life-changing experience, after years of frustration.’ YHLB course attendee

Yoga for Backs

Every year over 12 million people in the UK visit their GP with back pain. Eighty per cent of us will experience low back pain at some point in our lives and many of us know how much it can impact work, social life, family relations and mental health. Whether you are currently experiencing low back pain or have done in the past and want to prevent a recurrence, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs is designed especially for you.

Created by experienced teachers from the Iyengar Yoga Association and the British Wheel of Yoga, funded by Arthritis UK and trialled by the University of York, YHLB has been proven to be clinically effective in reducing pain and improving function and has been endorsed by Public Health England. Susan is delighted to now be able to offer Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs in Salisbury.

The Course

Over 12 weeks you will learn life-long skills to improve the health and strength of your back. Using easy yoga postures and props to aid comfort you will learn what to do when you have a painful back episode,as well as how to strengthen your back and increase your mobility. You will learn to bring postural improvements, mental focus and relaxation techniques into your daily life and you will be given resources (a student’s manual, relaxation CD and worksheets ) to help you practice independently at home. The course is taught in small groups and no previous experience of yoga is necessary.

Watch a short video about the course here:


A gentle yoga class is available for those who have completed the 12 week programme and for those with some experience of yoga currently experiencing back pain. Please get in touch to discuss whether this class is suitable for you.