'Posture becomes steady and comfortable through relaxation of effort and transformation of the mind' Patañjali


Susan’s classes combine attention to detail with a student-centred approach, helping each individual towards a deeper understanding of the connections between body, breath, mind and emotions.  The choice of practices and use of props where necessary make her classes accessible to all, regardless of age or ability. Her classes offer beginners a clear structure and an understanding of the principles of movement. More experienced students learn a subtler awareness of yoga practice moving towards ‘effortless effort’ – allowing the body, breath, mind and emotions to flow together in a meditative whole.


Classes last for 60 or 90 minutes beginning with a period of stillness to connect with the body and focus the mind. Movement enquiries and postures are introduced in carefully designed sequences which may include standing, sitting and lying positions. All classes conclude with restorative poses, deep relaxation and meditation.

Beginners are welcome to come to the General Classes which are suitable for all levels. For those who wish to deepen their practice, the weekly Experienced Class offers an opportunity to work at a subtler level and on more challenging postures. Specialised classes are available for those with back pain or who need a Gentle Class. One-to-one sessions are offered if this is more appropriate. Workshops are offered by donation to those going through cancer treatment. All yoga classes take place in Salisbury at the Quaker Meeting House or St John’s Place.